Pyramid Points - Emerging markets to drive cellular M2M
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Emerging markets to drive cellular M2M

May 22, 2013

M2M is growing more important to mobile operators. We expect machine-to-machine subscriptions to increase from about 2% of total subscriptions in 2012 to nearly 6% in 2017. While mature markets are more advanced, there are important developments in some of the largest countries of the world.

As of year-end 2012, the US was the largest market, but we expect that China will overtake it in late 2013 and from then on retain the number one ranking. These findings are detailed in our recently published report Cellular M2M Connections: Growth Drivers, Market Forecasts and Operator Approaches, which includes case studies on each of the below markets.

Exhibit: M2M drivers, applications and rankings by number of subscriptions in Brazil, China, India and Russia

Cellular M2M Connections: Growth Drivers, Market Forecasts and Operator Approaches

Sources: Pyramid Research, Cellular M2M Connections Report

By 2017 we expect that emerging markets will make up four of the five largest M2M markets. Telematics regulations are important drivers in Brazil and Russia; this is also helping the development of ecosystems and partnerships across the value chain to better address the growing opportunity overall. In China the government is not only looking at different uses of M2M technology, such as improving public transportation systems and urban management, but it is also supporting local industry, helping domestic vendors position themselves better in the global market.

India is likewise evolving rapidly: the ecosystem is beginning to mature, and the government is driving initiatives in diverse areas, including transportation, education and agriculture. Many of the large local IT services companies are also focusing on the M2M area, looking for new growth opportunities.

— Jan ten Sythoff, Analyst at large

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Cellular Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Connections; An analysis of growth drivers and operator approaches
Free Webinar
Pyramid Research expects to see strong growth in the cellular M2M market, a segment which is outpacing growth of overall mobile operator subscriptions and already represents over 10% of the total for some operators. In order to best take advantage of this opportunity it is important to both understand the factors underlying this growth as well as the different approaches mobile operators can take to address it. Pyramid uses a country-by-country and operator-by-operator approach to tracking and forecasting the market, in line with its quarterly mobile market updates. This webinar will analyze the key growth drivers and inhibitors of the cellular M2M market, as well as to provide an overview of the value chain and how mobile operators can fit into it.

Cellular M2M Connections; An Analysis of Growth Drivers, Market Segments and Operator Approaches
Research Report published January 2013
The cellular machine-to-machine market is diverse, dynamic and growing fast. It is changing in a number of different ways — operators' business models, regulations, network technologies and local developments around the world. This Research Report provides in-depth country, regional and application-level forecasts underpinned by an in-depth analysis of some of the key drivers and challenges that the market faces: This is of particular importance given the variance in forecasts available.


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