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Implications of the Google-Lenovo Deal
Google selling its Motorola device unit to Lenovo, while not necessarily seismic, was notable enough to change market dynamics. We think the smartphone market is still too crowded and see the deal as an acceleration of the inescapable dissociation between hardware and software in the smartphone business.
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Cisco and NEC optimize telco cloud delivery for small and midsize businesses
Cloud aggregation platforms serve to bring together multiple cloud vendors; they can also help telcos develop services, manage catalogs and assemble service packages that telcos would otherwise have to integrate themselves, reducing both time-to-market cycles and capex for product launches.
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4G unveiled in China, but China Mobile still has work to do
More affordable LTE handsets and tariffs will help LTE take off in China. China Mobile has to seize the moment if it is to catch up in mobile data and establish a first mover advantage in the 4G race.
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Latest Reports

LTE Business Models

LTE Business Models: Best Practices in Network Deployment, Positioning and Service Pricing

The Personal Cloud: A Strategic Imperative for Operators

The number of global personal cloud accounts has increased 60% over the past two years, and Pyramid Research expects it to grow a CAGR of 25% from 2013 to 2018. By the end of 2014, over half of all operators around the world will have launched a personal cloud service. The ‘Personal Cloud: A Strategic Imperative for Operators’ report by Pyramid Research provides an overview of operators and cloud computing, an analysis of the personal cloud market, the results of an operator online survey about their views on personal cloud and a detailed assessment of how operators are positioning their personal cloud services.

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Pyramid Previews
Highlights from the report "From Digital Content to M-Wallets"
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Highlights from the report "Research in Focus: Smartphones"
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Highlights from the report "Cellular M2M Connections"
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Highlights from the report "Why European Telcos Are Turning to the Cloud for an eHealth Strategy"
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Highlights from the report "Research in Focus: LTE"
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Highlights from the report "Asia-Pacific LTE Auctions to Satisfy Rising Demand for Mobile Data"
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Highlights from the "China Country Intelligence Report"
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Latest Research
Thematic Reports
  Smartphone Strategies: How Devices Can Revitalize the Role of Operators in the Mobile Ecosystem
  From Digital Content to M-Wallets: M-Payment Strategies for Operators
  Cellular M2M Connections: An Analysis of Growth Drivers, Market Segments and Operator Approaches
  South Africa Telecom Market Forecast
  How Latin American Telcos Are Tackling the SME Cloud Opportunity
  How NGNs Enable Advanced Telco Services
  ICT Needs of Enterprises in Emerging Markets
  LTE Devices and Applications: Next-generation mobile networks driven by video services
  The Machine-to-Machine Market: A high-growth opportunity for MNOs
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Telecom Insiders
  Capex Optimization Strategies: Operator Best Practices for LTE and FTTH Deployments
  Mobile Financial Services in Africa: Deployment and Configuration Strategies for Operators
  FTTx in Latin America: Competition and Regulation Boost Growth
  Big Data: Telecom Innovation through Analytics
  Latin America LTE Spectrum Trends, Network and Business Considerations, and Demand Forecast
  Middle East and North Africa: Broadband Growth and Local Content Boosting OTT Video
  Convergence in Developed Asia Pacific: Operator Strategies Move beyond Bundling to VAS
  Multiple Mobile Identities Strategies: Dual-SIM Phones, Virtual Numbers and Offers for Travelers
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Country Intelligence Reports
  Israel: Government Reforms Fuel Fixed and Mobile Market Competition
  Togo Mobile Telecommunications: MNOs to Improve Networks, MVNO Market Entries to Boost Competition
  Poland: LTE and Fiber Rollouts to Turn Telecom Market Around, M&A to Continue
  Benin Mobile Telecommunications: Data Services Demand to Boom as Government Supports Infrastructure
  Central African Republic Mobile Telecom Market: Political Instability Threatens Revenue and VAS Growth
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Market Forecasts
  Fixed Communications Forecast
  Fixed Operator Marketshare
  Mobile Operator KPI
  Mobile Data
  Mobile Handset Forecast
  More Forecasts

Latest Findings
China, Russia and Brazil, hot spots for OTT video

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